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Seven Bone Standing Rib Roast Recipe

Anatomy: The standing rib is the seven bone rib section of a steer. Typically, we use a USDA Prime export rib–which weighs in the range of 16-20 lbs. Remember: Each bone serves 2 people The Night Before Utensils: Plastic or cellophane wrap Ingredients: Garlic powder Paprika Pepper No salt at this time Directions: Remove the freezer wrap […]

How To Prepare A Turducken

A Turducken is essentially a Boneless Turkey, Boneless Chicken and a Boneless Duck stuffed one inside the other with a good contrasting meat—usually sausage—crammed between the layers of poultry.  The whole enterprise is tied together with twine and then slowly roasted.  At Mister Brisket, we use homemade spicy Italian Sausage as well as our sweet […]

Try A Meyer Natural Angus Tri Tip

One of the best parts of my job is that I get to eat great meat on a regular basis.  Last night, I tried my hand at Tri Tip.  This cut comes to Mister Brisket courtesy of Meyer Natural Angus.  This means the beef comes from cattle that are 100% angus and certified to have […]

Deconstructed Turkey Recipe

How to Prepare a Deconstructed Turkey You will need a meat thermometer Keep this in mind…Your Turkey Will Cook Fast! Your turkey has been divided into drumsticks, thighs, wings and breast.  Your turkey may or may not be seasoned.  The breast may or may not be boneless. If turkey pieces are unseasoned, we recommend using […]

50 Days of Age – A Rib Roast Challenge

Mister Brisket has never been a big proponent of dry aging beef.  In our experience we’ve found it has no discernible impact on flavor.  Enter Geoff Hewitt, a resident of New Franklin, who found us on the internet.  Hewitt emailed and wanted to know how we felt about aging a rib roast–for 50 days. “30 […]

How To Smoke a Perfect Brisket w/ BBQ Expert Matt Vann

Start off with a Meyers All-Natural Angus Brisket (Whole Packer 13 to 16 lbs…when available) Put it in a full disposable foil pan. Inject with the following combination every inch (left to right; up and down): 20 oz water 6 oz Simply Apple Juice 6 oz Peach Nectar 3 TBSP Beef Base 3 TBSP Au […]

Hot Dogs—Our Thoughts On What’s Best and Why

People have a lot of opinions about what constitutes a really good hot dog.  And at Mister Brisket, we’re no different. But here’s the thing–Mister Brisket is not just a Butcher Shop. We’re also a research institute. If we sell a product, it’s because through trial and error (hopefully not too much error) we feel […]

Fresh vs Frozen Turkey–Is there a Difference?

A common customer request at Thanksgiving is for a “wonderful, fresh turkey.”  The wonderful part is easy–we sell you an Empire Kosher Turkey, you follow our instructions and get a great result. But the fresh part–well, that’s problematic.  The simple fact is that most turkeys sold as fresh-regardless of the purveyor–were previously frozen.  How do we […]

Alternative Method for Roasting a Turkey

I have an alternative to my traditional turkey roasting method.  What follows is a method I’ve ripped off from Julia Child,you know who she is, and, Harold McGee, the author of “On Food and Cooking” and a few other complicated tomes about the chemistry and physics of cooking. First McGee: A few years ago he […]