Mister Brisket  – $12.00

  • Corned Beef
  • Brisket
  • Pastrami
  • BBQ Brisket
  • Turkey
  • Beef Salami

The Duke  – $19.95
One pound plus of Corned Beef, Brisket, Pastrami and Turkey

Reuben  – 13.00
Grilled Corned Beef with Kraut, Swiss and 1000 Island Dressing

MB Cheesesteak– 13                                                                                                    Thin sliced ribeye, carmelized onions, garlic mayo and cheese on a buttered hoagy bun.

Cowboy Reuben-13                                                                                                      Corned Beef, Brisket, BBQ Sauce, Kraut, Mayo, Swiss–grilled on rye

Tremont Turkey   13                                                                                               Turkey, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Swiss and Garlic Mayo

The Mike Michelson  13                                                                                               CB, Brisket, Swiss, Deli Mustard and Onion on Rye

The Charles Barr  13                                                                                                     CB, Pastrami, Swiss, 1000 Island on Rye

Beauty Shop Fave  13                                                                                            Turkey, cole slaw, swiss, 1000 Island grilled on rye

Bread: Rye, Brioche Bun
Cheese: Swiss, American
Condiments: Yellow, Stadium or Deli Mustard, Mayo, Garlic Mayo, 1000 Island, Horseradish, BBQ Sauce
Also: Sauerkraut, Slaw, Raw Onion, Lettuce, Tomato

Soups and Sides

Chicken soup w/matzo balls

  • For one – $4.50
  • For two – $8.50

Potato Salad

  • $1.50/small
  • $5.00/lb

Cole Slaw

  • $1.50/small
  • $6.00/lb

Macaroni Salad

  • $1.50/small
  • $5.00/lb

Jumbo Cookies – $2.00

Assorted Chips – $2

Regular Soft Drinks – $1.50

Dr Browns  – $2.00

Bud or Miller  – $2

Straight Meat By The Pound

1/4 lb.1/2 lb.1 lb.
Corned Beef *$6.00$11.50$22.95
USDA Prime Brisket$6.50$12.50$24.95
BBQ Brisket$7.00$13.00$25.95
Beef Salami$4.00$8.00$15.95
Chicken Salad$3.50$6.50$12.95

*Our Corned Beef is always baked, never boiled.