Christmas and New Year’s Specials 2023

At Mister Brisket, we recognize that food plays an important role in many of the gatherings that take place. We want to make clear that our overriding interest is to provide the finest quality and service to those that choose to shop with us.

We can do many things to enhance your holiday. We provide food for your table, or deliver or ship gifts to friends and business associates. In addition, we offer a variety of marvelous prepared foods. As always, we specialize in home delivery of all our items for those that reside in Northeast Ohio (with some exceptions).

We thank you in advance for your patronage and plan to do our very best to justify your  faith in our business.

Traditional Holiday Fare

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USDA Prime Beef Tenderloins – Trimmed and Tied–Oven Ready

Feeds 6-8…125         8-10….145     10-12….165

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Wagyu Beef Tenderloin Roasts…The Most Tender Roast with the most flavor

One Roast…Trimmed, Tied and Oven Ready….Feeds 10-12….$199

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filet mignon

Beef Tenderloin Filets – $39.99/lb

Everyone’s favorite holiday steak, cut to your preferred size.

6 oz…18      8-10 oz….22     12-14 oz….35

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Imperial Signature Level Wagyu Beef Rib Roasts

Arguably the finest boneless rib roast in the country, the exceptional flavor of our Wagyu beef is difficult to describe.  Succulent…velvety….rich…those are just a few terms one can use.  All of our Imperial products come from cattle raised without hormones or antibiotics in a humane fashion.  This is a fitting “king” for your Christmas table.

Rib Roast for 6-8….299

Rib Roast for 8-10….350

Rib Roast for 15-18…..650

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USDA Prime Rib Roasts -Boneless or Bone In

Arguably the most flavorful beef roast, our prime rib is trimmed according to your instructions. Figure that each bone feeds two people. A full roast has seven bones. If you like, we can remove the bones then tie them back on for carving ease.

Feeding 6-7…….240

Feeding 8-10…..300

Feeding 16………499

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Berkshire (Kurobuta) Pork Rib Roast or Chops –

Sometimes referred to as the “kobe beef of pork,” Kurobuta rib section pork roasts have a marvelous flavor and are simple to prepare.

Pork Rib for 8 adults….99

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Individual Thick Cut Pork Chops….12 apiece

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Veal Rib Roasts/Long Bone Rib Veal Chops

Rib Veal Chops represent flavor and elegance and make for a wonderful holiday meal.

Veal Rib Roasts feed 6-7 adults….150

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Rib Veal Chops….14 oz apiece…..30

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Rack of Lamb–Frenched

Rack of lamb is elegant and delicious. Each roast contains 8 bones and feeds 2-3 adults.  Each 8 bone section typically costs $55.

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lamb crown

Crown Roast of Lamb – $125 (feeds 4-6)

One full lamb rack with frenched bones and tied together.

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Dearborn Whole or Half Spiral Sliced Hams

Another popular holiday item, we use a quality Dearborn brand spiral ham. This is the “cadillac” of Spiral Hams and your family will notice the difference.  Each Ham typically weighs 9-11 lbs.

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Wagyu Strip Steaks 

IMPERIAL WAGYU Strips for Christmas?  Why not!  These fabulous steakscome from humanely raised cattle that are hormone and antibiotic free. Your steaks can be cut as thick as a fist and will wow your friends and family.

10-12 oz….25

14-16 oz….35

24 oz……….50

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Jumbo Shrimp – $25/2 lb bag

We use 16-20 count shrimp that are perfect for cocktail or as a complement to a main course. They are frozen, peeled, de-veined with the tail attached An excellent value! Super Jumbo Shrimp  are available upon request but cost is higher.

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Fresh, All Natural Turkeys

An excellent hormone/antibiotic free turkey which can be brined upon request. We can also take it apart for you (deconstruct) to speed up the cooking time and allow for easier slicing.

Decontructed Turkeys…12-14 lbs/75   14-16 lbs/85    16-18 lbs/95   18-22/110

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Whole Turkeys….15 lbs/60

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True Capons – $5.99/lb.

These tender birds usually weigh in the 7-9 pound range. They’re delicious and simple to prepare.

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Cold Water Maine Lobster Tails (6 oz) – $18/apiece

The best part of the lobster is the tail and the best type of tail comes from a cold water lobster.   To Order:

Whole Beef Brisket - Imperial Wagyu Signature Level

Imperial Wagyu Whole Beef Briskets

The best brisket in America. Dense marbling, tenderness and flavor. They range in size from 14-18 lbs. Ideal for the smoker.  Typically we sell them for 9.99/lb but right now we have them on sale for 8.99/lb.

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USDA Prime Whole Beef Briskets

USDA Prime Briskets have arguably the most flavor of any in the country. Equally good roasted or smoked, the average weight is 12-18 pounds.  Typical cost is 90 for a brisket in the 15 lb range.  Figure a pound per person when deciding what size brisket to purchase.  Remember, these are “packer” briskets meaning they contain both a point and a flat.

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USDA Prime First Cut Beef Briskets

We remove the fat cap from one of our prime briskets and give you the meatier flat section. Average weight is 5-10 lbs

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Ducks, Duck Breasts, Geese, Oysters, Smoked Salmon and Whole Lobsters

All are available with advanced notice.  To inquire call 216 932 8620 or email [email protected]

Roasted, Sliced Beef Tenderloin w/horse sauce.  We expertly roast and slice tenderloin for your family and guests.  Comes ready to heat and eat with our terrific horseradish sauce

  • $150 (feeds 6-8)
  • $175 (feeds 8-10)
  • $200(feeds 10-12)

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Roasted Brisket w/gravy

Our most popular prepared food, brisket w/gravy is delicious and comes sliced in a pan w/gravy.  Reheating instructions are provided.

  • Feeds 4-5 – $55
  • Feeds 6-8 – $85
  • Feeds 8-10 – $99
  • Feeds 10-12-125
  • Feeds 12-14–155
  • Feeds 16-20 – $185

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BBQ Brisket

We season, roast, trim and slice one of our marvelous briskets then add in our fantastic sauce. All you do is heat and serve.

  • Feeds 4-5–55
  • Feeds 6-8– 85
  • Feeds 8-10 – 99
  • Feeds 10-12–125
  • Feeds 12-15–155
  • Feeds 16-20 – $185

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Roasted Turkey – $6.99/lb. (raw weight)

We season, cook and slice a whole turkey…you pick the size. Legs, thighs and wings come to you in one pan and the sliced breast in another w/gravy on the side.

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Roasted Turkey Breast w/gravy on side -For those who prefer white meat only

Feeds 8-10…80

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Whole Smoked Turkey–Our pitmaster takes a 15 pound all natural bird, seasons and smokes it to perfection.  Comes with gravy and feeds 8-10.

Cost is 99.00

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