Send Salamis to the Troops

Mister Brisket wants you…
to help us Send Salamis to the Troops!

It’s important to remember that there are men and women in our armed forces serving our country in troubled spots around the world. To this end, Mister Brisket is asking you to show support by purchasing salamis which we will ship to them on your behalf.

Each salami will be dried prior to shipment and sent with Cleveland’s own Stadium Mustard. The salami will be accompanied by notes of support from all contributors. You will be notified by e-mail when your salami ships and informed where it is being sent.

Salami recipient Ryan Flynn.
Salami recipient Ryan Flynn.

Notes from Past Recipients

…I did get those salamis that [Herschman Architects] sent us, on behalf of me and my soldiers we appreciate it and thank you….The salamis themselves went over very well with us, they helped us make more friends and convince others that PSYOP soldiers aren’t so bad, and they definitely help our morale.

Matt Gay

I would like to take a second and thank you and Beth Vrba for donating the salamis to us out here at Camp Phoenix in Afghanistan! It was a welcome treat that went over well with everyone here. I never saw salamis fly so fast! Please express my appreciation to all those contributors who made the purchases so that those delicious salamis could find their way here. Thanks once again for thinking of all us!

Rick Chernitzer


A few days ago I received a box of beef salami from your shop as part of your program to support the troops. Food items like this are a rarity around here and are truly appreciated by everyone who will have a slice…or two or three. You have helped to put some smiles on faces here at Headquarters ISAF in the midst of some very long work days.

On behalf of everyone here, thank you for your kindness and generosity. We are proud to serve you and represent a nation of kind and thoughtful

Brian Badura

Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Navy

I would like to thank you for the fantastic salamis. The soldiers loved them and there was plenty for everyone. They arrived at a time when we needed a lift and your salamis did the trick! I speak for my entire platoon operating out of COP Caron in the Arghandab River Valley when I say thank you to all of those of you who made very generous donations and a very special thank you to Mister Brisket for making it happen!

God Bless!

1LT Moffatt, John

Platoon Leader, IN

I recently received several dozen of your Salamis and shared them with our British Coalition Partners and many of my fellow Marines, they were very well received and I think Cleveland Ballpark Mustard is now internationally reknown (In the UK). Thank you for your generosity and continued support to the troops.

Maj Matthew Schroer

Thank you for the Salamis you and your staff provided us, they were delicious. It always means a lot when we receive stuff from the states. The support from patriotic citizens like yourselves make being over here worth it. Take care and know that you are much appreciated over here.

Capt Peter B. Marks

Intelligence Officer, 2d Reconnaissance Battalion

Thank you very much for the Salami sent to me via your “Salami to the Troops” campaign! I shared the delicious Salami with all of the Soldiers in Task Force 807 Medical Command here on Camp Victory in Baghdad, Iraq. It was an awesome taste from home and was truly appreciated. The Soldiers of TF 807 MED have had a busy and challenging year here providing command and control for all medical units providing health care and support to all Soldiers, Sailors, Airman, and Marines serving in Iraq. We are due home very soon, but this gesture from folk’s back home means a lot to us and makes what we do easier to do. Thank you very much for your support and keep up the great work!

CPT Patrick Naughton

Thank you to our Troops!