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One of the best parts of my job is that I get to eat great meat on a regular basis.  Last night, I tried my hand at Tri Tip.  This cut comes to Mister Brisket courtesy of Meyer Natural Angus.  This means the beef comes from cattle that are 100% angus and certified to have been humanely raised.  In addition, they were never given antibiotics or growth hormones.

Tri Tips come from the top of the bottom part of the Sirloin section in the hindquarter.  It’s typically tender if you slice it properly (against the grain)  The slicing is important because a full tri trip weighs 2-3 pounds and has grain moving in a few different directions.  For slicing instruction, I recommend watching this video: watch?v=gmxHmuV4vTU

The pic above is my dinner.  My preparation was simple.  I placed the tri tip in a plastic bag with a few cups of BBQ Sauce, one cup of soy sauce and some granulated garlic.  Not fancy but it adds flavor.

Next, I allowed the meat to marinate for 24 hours.  It’s not necessary to do it for that long but I’d forgotten we had Open House at school for one of the kids.  Hence there was no time to cook dinner so my we picked up KFC while the Tri Tip sat in the fridge.  Incidentally, each KFC meal probably shortens my life but it is undeniably tasty.

The grilling is straightforward.  Place on one side for about 8 minutes then flip.  Tri Tips are thick so you have to take your time.  I removed from the grill when the internal temperature in the thickest portion hit 130 degrees.  Because this cut is not uniform in thickness, the fullest portions were rare to med. rare with the edges a little more done.  If you like your Tri Tip more well prepared, follow the advice given by the “Tri Tip Guy” from California:  watch?v=qo6vhXC1nhg

I allowed the meat to rest for about ten minutes, then carefully sliced.  With baked potato and asparagus, it was a terrific meal.  I also have some wonderful leftovers.  I plan to slice them thin over the weekend, melt cheese on top, place on some crusty bread, add some raw onion and enjoy a Tri Tip sandwich.






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  1. August Correia
    May 2, 2015

    I’m licking my lips Hank I can’t wait to cook your brisket. I live in a small city with only 1 grocery store. I’ve had their meat dept order me a brisket in the past. The best quality they can Ryder me is select. I’ve talked to the butcher at Costco and he told me that the fat has been trimmed off already. I appreciate his honesty I told him that I need a nice layer of fat to soak the meat while I smoke it 14-16 hours. I have a ice Traeger smoker that does a really nice job. It the past I try to keep it at 225* with your Wagyu beef your brisket will be the talk of the party. With it being Memorial Day weekend I need to find out from my son what day he wants to have it on since he’s birthday is Thursday. I’ll try to let you know ASAP Hank thank you for your kindness.
    Sincerely August.

    • Hank
      May 4, 2015

      Thanks for the comment. Look forward to sending you a brisket.


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