Mister Brisket Next Door 216 932 8620

2154 and 2156 S. Taylor Road, Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118

Hours: Tuesday thru Saturday 9-3pm  

Lunch delivery available with advance notice—-We accept all major credit cards


Mister Brisket Next Door Sandwiches 12

Corned Beef    Brisket Pastrami   BBQ Brisket   Turkey   Chicken Salad   Beef Salami

The Duke:  One pound plus of CB, Brisket, Pastrami and Turkey  18.95

Reuben:  Grilled CB with kraut, swiss and 1000…12.95

Bread—Rye, Brioche Bun     Cheese—Swiss, American

Condiments: Yellow, Stadium or Deli Mustard, Mayo, 1000 Island, Horseradish, BBQ Sauce, Hot Sauce

Also: Sauerkraut, Slaw, Raw Onion


Straight Meat By The Pound

Corned Beef (baked; never boiled) ¼pound/5.5      1/2pound / 11  pound/20.95

USDA Prime Brisket   ¼ pound/6      ½ pound/12    pound/22.95   

Pastrami                      ¼ pound/5.5      ½ pound/11     pound/20.95               

BBQ Brisket                ¼ pound/6.5   ½ pound/13     pound/25.95

Turkey                         ¼ pound/3.5    ½ pound/6.5    pound/12.95

Beef Salami                 ¼ pound/3.5    ½ pound/6.5    pound/12.95

Chicken Salad             ¼ pound/3.5    ½ pound/6.5    pound/12.95


Soups and Sides

Chicken soup w/matzo balls     for one…3.50           for two…6.50

Potato Salad    1.50/small        3.50/large        5/lb

Cole Slaw        1.50/small        3.50/large          5/lb

Macaroni Salad           1.50/small        3.50/large          5/lb

Cookies and Brownies 2          Assorted Chip   $2

Regular  Soft Drinks      1.50     Dr Browns/Perrier  2

Phone: 216 932 8620

Text: 216 346 4754

Email: misterbrisket@att.net

Web: misterbrisket.com