Mr. Brisket Wants You …

Former salami recipient Ryan Flynn

To Help Us Send Salamis to the Troops !

While we want everyone to have a wonderful holiday season, it’s important to remember that there are men and women in our armed forces serving our country in troubled spots around the world. To this end, Mister Brisket is asking you to show support by purchasing salamis which we will ship to them on your behalf.

Each salami will be dried prior to shipment and sent with Cleveland’s own Stadium Mustard. The salami will be accompanied by notes of support from all contributors. You will be notified by e-mail when your salami ships and informed where it is being sent.

Our goal for this holiday season is 1,000 salamis!

FOR MORE INFO OR TO PARTICIPATE: Call us at 216-932-8620 or download and print out our order form.

From Salami Recipient, Matt Gay.  Please note that his note was addressed primarily to the members of Herschman Architects, his employer prior to being called up.

…I did get those salamis that the firm sent us, on behalf of me and my soldiers we appreciate it and thank you….The salamis themselves went over very well with us,  they helped us make more friends and convince others that PSYOP soldiers aren’t so bad , and they definitely help our morale.  Take Care and I hope to speak with you and the firm soon.


Another Thank You from A Soldier!

I would like to take a second and thank you and Beth Vrba for donating the salamis to us out here at Camp Phoenix in Afghanistan! It was a welcome treat that went over well with everyone here. I never saw salamis fly so fast! Please express my appreciation to all those contributors who made the purchases so that those delicious salamis could find their way here. Thanks once again for thinking of all us!




Rick Chernitzer, LT, USN, APR

A Note From One of Our Recent Recipients–this is why we do it!

Greetings from Kabul, Afghanistan.

A few days ago I received a box of beef salami from your shop as part of
your program to support the troops. Food items like this are a rarity
around here and are truly appreciated by everyone who will have a
slice...or two or three. You have helped to put some smiles on faces
here at Headquarters ISAF in the midst of some very long work days.  

On behalf of everyone here, thank you for your kindness and generosity.
We are proud to serve you and represent a nation of kind and thoughtful
Very respectfully,
Brian Badura
Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Navy

OUR 2012-13 CONTRIBUTORS (so far)

List coming soon!

Notes From Past Recipients:

Dear Mr. Brisket

I would like to thank you for the fantastic salamis. The soldiers
loved them and there was plenty for everyone. They arrived at a time
when we needed a lift and your salamis did the trick! I speak for my
entire platoon operating out of COP Caron in the Arghandab River
Valley when I say thank you to all of those of you who made very
generous donations and a very special thank you to Mister Brisket for
making it happen!

God Bless!

1LT Moffatt, John
Platoon Leader, IN

Mr. Brisket,

I recently received several dozen of your Salamis and shared them with our British Coalition Partners and many of my fellow Marines, they were very well received and I think Cleveland Ballpark Mustard is now internationally reknown (In the UK). Thank you for your generosity and continued support to the troops.

Semper Fidelis,Maj Matthew Schroer


Thank you for the Salamis you and your staff provided us, they were delicious. It always means a lot when we receive stuff from the states. The support from patriotic citizens like yourselves make being over here worth it. Take care and know that you are much appreciated over here.

Thank You,


Capt Peter B. Marks

Intelligence Officer, 2d Reconnaissance Battalion

Mister Brisket Inc.,

Thank you very much for the Salami sent to me via your “Salami to the
Troops” campaign! I shared the delicious Salami with all of the Soldiers in
Task Force 807 Medical Command here on Camp Victory in Baghdad, Iraq. It was
an awesome taste from home and was truly appreciated. The Soldiers of TF 807
MED have had a busy and challenging year here providing command and control
for all medical units providing health care and support to all Soldiers,
Sailors, Airman, and Marines serving in Iraq. We are due home very soon, but
this gesture from folk’s back home means a lot to us and makes what we do
easier to do. Thank you very much for your support and keep up the great


CPT Patrick Naughton

Just wanted to let you know our son, Matt, in Afghanistan received the salamis. Don’t know how many, but he said a lot. Thank you for remembering those who serve. He should be back in the good old USA in about two weeks after thirteen months in and out of Camp Leatherneck.

Sue Schroer

Read 2009 Letters from Soldiers here

The Following servicemen have been shipped thanks to your efforts:

Lcpl Christopher Woo: Chris is a graduate of Solon High School where his family still resides. He plans to become a police officer.

Lcpl Patrick Stinich: Patrick grew up in Seven Hills. His father was formerly the head chef for all prepared foods for Heinens Supermarkets.

SPC Eli Duber: Eli serves as a medic. Although he is from Atta Loma, California, this young man has a lot of family in Cleveland. His parents, Dr. Roger and Shelly Duber are Cleveland natives and he still has several Aunts and Uncles in the area.

Robert Arrowsmith: Robert is currently a Navy officer near Somalia. He works as an EOD specialist (the bomb squad).

First Lt. John Moffatt: John is stationed outside Kandahar. His unit is responsible for developing relationships with local villagers, protecting them from the Taliban, and eliminating the Taliban threat in the area. Father, Chris, in Seattle, found us on the internet and asked us to ship his son’s unit.

Major Matthew Schroer: A St. Ignatius graduate, as well as a graduate of the Naval Academy, Matthew is on his 3rd deployment. He is stationed at Camp Leatherneck in the Helmund province. He has three children under age 5. His proud parents are Sue and Jerry Schroer of Rocky River. The Schroer family has also asked us to ship salamis to the men and women of the 2/6 Weapons Company also stationed in Afghanistan.

Pvt. Thomas Carran: Tom is a 2002 graduate of St. Ignatius High School. He is the son of Laura McMahon of Cleveland Heights.

Sgt. Ryan Legg: A Brookpark resident, Legg’s unit has been earmarked to receive 50 salamis from the Jewish Federation of Cleveland.

First Lt. Todd Phillips: A 2008 graduate of Mayfield High School, Todd is the son of Jim and Kay Phillips. He serves with the 2nd battalion, 9th Marines unit. His benefactors are the Mayfield Mom’s Book Group which is sending him twelve salamis.

Cpt. Patrick Naughton: Originally from Hilo, Hi, Patrick has been serving in the military since 1996. His name was brought to our attention by Levin Consulting via one of its employees, Chris Stefanescu, who also served in Iraq.

Member of the 2/6 Weapons Company

Cpt Peter B. Marks

We dedicate this years Salami to the Troops campaign to the memory of Bill Colquhoun of Cleveland. Bill was a veteran as well as a long time employee of Jay and David Kaufman’s Brothers Printing Company. Last year, Bill dropped off the flyers for the 2009 Salami to the Troops at our store and then plunked $20 down on our counter. With his voice quaking, Bill thanked us profusely for what we were doing. He told us that as a Vietnam vet, it meant a lot to him for anyone to try and remember those who were offering so much on behalf of our country. He was the very first person to purchase a salami for shipment.

Bill passed away unexpectedly several months ago. Thank you, Bill, for all you did for us.

2012-13 SALAMI PURCHASERS (Please contact us if you purchased salamis but your name does not appear)

Alan Bise and Stefanie Paganini

Noah Bloch

Anne Bloomberg

Phillip Brett

Scott and Meredith Camp

Gertrude Chisholm

Sue and Peter Danford

Margaret and Pete Dobbins

The Dobrea Family in memory of Trip Ayers

Bonnie Dolezal

Corinna Falck-Ytter

R. Frankel

Lou and Jill Freedman

Anita Friedman and Family

Dan and Kathy Golovan

Karen Gorman

Dr. John Graafmeyer

David and Georgia Gray

Lynn Gross

Judy and Russ Hardy

Robin Herrington-Bowen

Amy and Brian Herts

Sally Hirsh

Lisa Holtsinger

Carol Iott

Lynne Jaskulek and Peter Faulhaber

Ilene and Steve Jewell and Family

David Kaufman and Family

Jay Kaufman and Family

Kathy Kilbane

Patty Koenig

Karen Kohn

Eileen Kollins

Mary Jo Lackamp

Danene Legarth

Mary Lichlyter

Moira Liederbach

Judy Mackall

Sue and Howard Maier

Phyllis Maron

Tom Mart

Nancy McLaughlin

John Milgram

Rob Moll

Andrew Mull

Deborah Newman

Francine Pilloff

Eliana and Josh Polster

Jeff Porter

Mary Rainsberger

Pablo Recinos

Jim Reynolds

J Dreicer

Kathy Ruekberg

The Salata Family

Lois and Gene Salem

Roberta and Stuart Sears

Liz and Frank Shaker

Charna Sherman

Lloyd Snider

Joe Spagnuolo

Mike Stawovy

The Stevin Family

Ronald and Eugenia Strauss

Gene Stromberg

Fred and Betsy Stueber

Kirsten Thomas

The Van Dykes

The Venaleck Family

Amy Whitehead

Lisa and Alan Wiant




Christopher Adlington

Sandy and Bernie Agin   Beachwood

Don Alexander   Chardon, Oh.

Sandy and Chuck Babbush, Lyndhurst

Phil Badalamenti      Brecksville, Oh

Kathy Bagby, Los Altos, California

Laura Baker    Thompson, Oh

Barta’s Precision Granite

Ed Becker, Cleveland Heights

Christina Beg,  Moreland Hills

Rod Bennett, Wadsworth

Mel Berger and Jane Haylor

Betsy and Lloyd Bell, Cleveland Hts

Allison Block, NY, NY

Anne Bloomberg

Betty and Dick Bloomfield, Chagrin Falls

Dushan Bouchek    Novelty, Oh

Ashley Brown    Parma

Lysa Brown    Cleveland Hts

Walt and Sharon Chapman, Cleveland Hts

Wendy and Jamie Cohen    Pepper Pike

Otto and Kathy Costantini, Hinckley

Mike Crislip     Mentor, Oh.

Renee Della Ratta    Cleveland

Sue and Peter Danford, Shaker Hts

Connie and Adrian Dillon, Los Altos, California

Pete and Margaret Dobbins, Shaker Hts

Richard Douglass   Beachwood

Paul Drawz

Stephen Elrod

The Farchione Family, Littleton, Colorado

Jan Freiman   Beachwood

Patrick Fox     Galion, Oh

Anita Friedman, Beachwood

Carolyn and Ed Gableman, Pepper Pike

Carolina Gandini-Bennett, Wadsworth

Amy Garnitz, Shaker Hts

Steve Garverick

Ed Gemka    Chesterland, Oh

Mary Geronimo and Ed Mehler    Cleveland

Merle Glick

Dale Grieder      N. Royalton

Roman Gumieniak, Old Brooklyn, Ohio

Eric Haefner    Tucson, Az.

Russell Hardy

Linda Henry

Robin Herrington-Bowen, Beachwood

Jerry Herschman    Pepper Pike

Frances and Sanford Herskovitz, University Heights

Joel and Jeanne Hill

The Hirsch Family, Cleveland

Mary Adele and Douglas Horner, Gates Mills

Claudia Hoyen

Jocelin, Concord, Oh

Jan and Dick Johnston

Don and Nancy Junglas

Matt Johnston and Liz Richmond, Cleveland Hts

The Doug Kaufman Family, Hunting Valley

Jay, Sandy and Alex Kaufman, Highland Hts

Roseann and David Kaufman, Mayfield Hts

Kathy and Tim Kilbane, Aurora, Oh.

Brandon Kline, Solon

Jud Kline    Orange, Oh

Karin Knutsen, Chagrin Falls

Patty Koenig, Solon

Karen Kohn, Pepper Pike

Hank and Kelly Kornblut, S. Euclid

Joan and Taub Kornblut, S. Euclid

Kris and Russell Kornblut, Mayfield Hts

Saloni Kumbkarni    Shaker Hts

Mary Jo Lackamp, Shaker Heights

Susan and Mark Lash

Hyosoon Lee, Ny, Ny

Diane Lees

Allan and Nancy Lerner

Eliana LeVine and Josh Polster, Shaker Hts

Mary Lichlyter

Sue Luria, Shaker Hts

Felicia Manini

Dan Manor, Shaker Hts

Fred Margulies      Solon, Oh

Phyllis Maron, Beachwood

Lisa Masino

Tom McDonald, Bratenahl

Charlie Mertz   Cleveland Heights

Charles Mertz    Katy, Texas

Dr. Andrea Meyerhoff, Wash. DC

John Milgram

Elaine and William Miller    Washington, DC

Shelby Miller

Rob Moll, Shaker

Richard Munch, Chagrin Falls

Todd Nagy, Geneva, Oh

Stacey O’Guinn, Hudson

Phil Owen

Kris Parker       Wadsworth, Oh

Sue and Nick Peay, Cleveland Hts

Martha Peckinpaugh, Cleveland Hts

Ginny and Bob Perkins, Bratenahl

Roland Philip, Cleveland Hts

Francine and Benson Pilloff    Chapel Hill, NC

Dave Pindel     Cleveland Hts

Fred Purdy, Rocky River

John Quinn     Russell, Oh

Carol and Alvin Rock   Beachwood

Laurie Rose   Cleveland

Lois and Gene Salem

Carole Sanderson    Russell, Oh

Dave Scherry     Rocky River

Sue and Gerald Schroer, Rocky River

Joe Schwartzen, Olmsted Falls

Lee C Shapiro, Cleveland

Marty and Bobby Shapiro, Stamford, Ct.

Gloria and Buck Shewitz, Cleveland Hts

Michelle and Alan Sills, Mayfield Hts

Laurie Silver

Shirley Simon, Franklin Wisconsin (mother of Brian Badura)

Mitzi and Fred Skillicorn

Stella Skuza, Brecksville

Jon Smitek

Daniel Soteldo, Dallax Tx

Betsy and Rich Stovsky, Bainbridge

The Strom Family, Solon

Betsy and Fred Stueber, Cleveland Hts

Sara Sylvester

Lorraine Tanyu

Octavia Taylor

Jacob and Andrea Thiessen, Wash. DC

Suzanne Tishkoff, University Heights

David Toback

Julie Tuttle   Hunting Valley

Daneille and John Van Heeckeren, Cleveland Hts

Dominic Visconsi, Cleveland

Ed Wade, S. Euclid

Ken Weeks  Macon, Ga.

Mark Woodka

Mary Weisman, Solon

Benjamin Wing, Cincinnati

Julia and Parker Zabell, Cleveland Hts

Karen and Lenny Zeid, Aurora



Anonymous friend from Cleveland Heights

Anonymous–Lyndhurst, Ohio

Debra Abdul-Rahim

Groce Adee, Lakewood

John Almerico, Kirkland, Washington

The Aveni Family, Cleveland

Trip Ayers

Betsy and Lloyd Bell

Col. Mel Berger (retired) and Jane Haylor, Shaker Heights

MaryAnn and Scott Berkey, Highland Hts

Betty and Dick Bloomfield

Jane Brozowski, Mayfield

Robin Bowen, Beachwood

The Brenner Family, Westlake

Ned Burry, Cleveland Heights

Kathy Campbell, Mayfield

Carol Cavey, Cleveland Heights

The Catanzaro Family, Cleveland Heights

Sharon and Walt Chapman, Cleveland Heights

Gertrude Chisholm, Shaker Hts

The Cleveland Jewish Federation

David Clingingsmith and Simona Mkrtschjan, Cleveland Heights

Marilyn Cohen, Shaker Heights

The Cooper Family, Gurner, Illinois

Corky and Lenny’s Restaurant, Ken Kurland, proprietor

The Dakin Family, Shaker Heights

Sue and Peter Danford, Shaker Heights

Angela and Randy DeMuesy, Westlake

Mary Lynn Dickman-Engel, Maine

Margaret and Pete Dobbins, Shaker Heights

Bonnie Dolezal (c/o Cleveland Heights Republican Club)

Norman Douglass (WWII veteran)

Pauline Duber, Cleveland

Cindy and Michael Duber, Cleveland

Jeff Duber, Cleveland

Linda Fadel, Mayfield

Harold Feldman

Deanna Bremer Fisher

Ryan Flynn* and Family, Columbus *a former salami recipient

Ilene Frankel and Family, Cleveland

Anita and Ernest Friedman, Beachwood

The Fuente Family, Shaker Heights

Tom Furnas, Cleveland

Mike Gedeon* N. Ridgeville *a former salami recipient

Beth Schreibman Gehring and Jim Gehring, Cleveland Heights

Ruth Glassman, Cleveland

Merle Glick, Cleveland Heights

The Glickens, Lyndhurst

Dan and Kathy Golovan and Family, Orange Village

Kathy Gould, Mayfield

Michael Grala, Cleveland Heights

Lynn and David Grainger, Fairview Park

Ed Greenfield, Cleveland Heights

Linda and Fred Griffith, Shaker Heights

Jody Haas, Chagrin Falls

The Hadden Family, Cleveland Heights

Sheldon Harris, Washington, DC

Shirley Harris, Cleveland Heights

Kurt Hebeisen, S. Euclid

Judy Henderson, Cleveland Heights

Jennifer and Joel Herman and Family, Chicago

Kathy Hirsch, Highland Hts

Sally Hirsch and Family, Shaker Heights

Sgt David Holmes (USMC) and Family, Cleveland Heights

Mary Adele Horner and Family, Gates Mills

Nancy Jacobson, Bratenahl

John Jarvey, Cleveland Heights

Rick Johnson

Ron Kamler, Cleveland Heights

Irving Katz, Cleveland, Ohio

Joan Katz and Augie Napoli, Cleveland Heights

Beth Kaufman and Family, Hunting Valley

David Kaufman, Lyndhurst

Jay and Sandy Kaufman, Highland Heights

The Kestner Family, Westlake

Diane Kettman, Issaquah, Washington

Tom Kimball, Cleveland Heights

David Kloner, Akron

Karen Kohn, Pepper Pike

Maxine Kopecky, Reston, Va

Dorin Kopp, Mayfield

Kelly and Hank Kornblut, S. Euclid

Joan and Taub Kornblut, S.Euclid

Karen Kosmorsky, Highland Hts

Nancy Kramer, Mayfield

Dr and Mrs Stephen Lacey

Mary Jo Lackamp Shaker Hts

The Lazarus Family, Shaker Heights

Adam Levin/Levin Consulting–in honor of Chris Stefanescu

The LeVine/Polster Family, Shaker Heights

Janice and Paul Lindner, University Heights

The Lust Family, Shaker Heights

The Maier Family, Cleveland Heights

Mark Marek, Cleveland Heights

Phyllis and Paul Maron, Cleveland

Sandy Mates, Cleveland

Steve Mayes, Cleveland Heights

The Mayfield Mom’s Book Club: Barb Rosengaard, Robin Rosenberg, Cindy Olie, Jane Brozowski, Karen Kosmorsky, Nancy Kramer, Kathy Hirsch, MaryAnn Berkey, Dorin Kopp, Kathy Gould, Kathy Campbell, Linda Fadel

Tom McDonald and Family, Bratenahl, Ohio

John Milgram, Shaker Heights

The Millisor Family, Lakewood

Mr and Mrs Trevor Minnie, Gates Mills

Shanna Mitchell and Family, Solon

The Moeller Family, Waite Hill

The Family of Lt John Moffatt, Sammamish, Washington

Ken Montlack, Cleveland Heights

Andrew Mull, USMC and Family, Cleveland Heights

Patrick G. Mullen, Cleveland Heights

Rick and Gail Oehlke, Brookfield, Wisconsin

Cindy Olie, Mayfield

Myra Orenstein, Cleveland Hts

Martha Peckinpaugh

Carol Pliska

Kathy and Mike Prokop, Cleveland

Fred Purdy, Rocky River

The Raske Family, Cleveland Heights

Carla Rautenberg

Mike Reiner

Gretchen Reynolds Cleveland Heights

Robin Rosenberg, Mayfield

Barb Rosengaard, Mayfield

Kathy Ruekberg and Family, Cleveland Heights

Judy Saks, Shaker Heights

The Salata Family, Shaker Heights

Gene and Lois Salem, Mayfield Heights

Inga Schmidt and Bruce Linsday, Chagrin Falls

The Schroer Family, Rocky River

Kate and Bill Scully, Cleveland Heights

Roberta and Stuart Sears, Bentleyville

Charna Sherman and David Weiner, Beachwood

Gloria, Debbie and Buck Shewitz, Cleveland Heights

Michelle and Alan Sills and Family, Mayfield Heights

Robin and David Snider and Family, Hunting Valley

Lloyd Snyder, Cleveland

George Soucek–WW II Veteran

Richard and Betsy Stovsky and Family, Munson

The Stueber Family, Cleveland Heights

The Sussen Family, Waite Hill

Evan Takacs, Strongsville

The Tauesch Family, Cleveland Heights

Steve Toth and Family, Cleveland Heights

Margaret Trevis, Cleveland Heights

Blanche and Jack Valancy, Cleveland Heights

The Van Heeckeren Family, Cleveland Heights

The Vartorella Family, Bay Village

The Viguera Family, Cleveland

Beth Vrba, Milwaukee

Missy and Chris Wagner and Family

Bev Weinberg

Mary and Mitch Weisman, Solon

Myra White, Shaker Heights

Dan Winegar, Aurora

Judy Wolf

Lynne Woodburn

Julia and Parker Zabell, Cleveland Heights

Karen and Lenny Zeid, Aurora

Paula Zeisler, Shaker Heights

The Zinn Family, Cleveland Heights

See the list of 2009 participants here