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Tell It Like It Is

So, I received a call this morning around 10am (Oct. 23) from a woman in New York. She quickly identified herself as the daughter of a long time customer and explained that her mother had been bringing her items from Mister Brisket for years. How, she wondered, could she get a few things herself without […]

Corned Beef

At our store, we have a large convection oven.  Each corned beef is placed inside a cooking bag that we seal with a heat resistant twist tie.  Next, we punch several holes in the top of the bag and place it on an oven tray.  The corned beefs are then placed in the oven fat […]

Basic Veal Stew

(Feeds 4) Ingredients 2 lbs Veal Shoulder/Chuck 3 tbsp olive oil 1 cup diced onion 1 tsp minced garlic 1 cup white wine (you can sub veal stock or beef stock) 2 cups cored/chopped tomatoes (use canned) 1 bay leaf 1/2 tsp dried thyme 1 cup pitted black olives Salt and pepper Directions Place a […]

Classic Beef Stew

(Feeds 6) Ingredients 2-2 1/2 lbs beef chuck chunks 2 tbsp olive oil, 1clove crushed garlic 1 tbsp minced garlic, 3 large onions cut up 3 tbsp flour 2 cups beef stock 1 cup red wine 1 bay leaf 1 tsp fresh thyme leaves (sub dried thyme if needed) 5 large potatoes–peel and cut into […]

Chicken Soup from Scratch

(makes roughly 5 gallons) Ingredients: One large bag Mister Brisket Chicken Bones (roughly 8 lbs) Two Large Onions Six Carrots One Bunch Celery 4 Tbsp Minor’s Chicken Soup Base Quick Story: For years I made the chicken soup at Mister Brisket. It was generally good but not consistent. Sometimes it was more flavorful than others; […]

Classic Mister Brisket Brisket Recipe

(Serves 8-10) Utensils: A large old-fashioned roasting pan – the blue one with the white speckles. Speckled roasters are usually available in most hardware stores. Be sure to buy the size that holds a 20-22 pound turkey – the label on the pan should spell out its capacity. Unfortunately, I have not convinced the roasting […]

Beef Tenderloin for Roasting Recipe

A little anatomy The tenderloin is the psoas muscle (pronounced ‘so-as’) located in the back, close to the shoulder and extending down to the hip of the steer. It does not get too much play or movement, and because of that it is considered the most tender and delicate portion of beef. Tenderloin weighs anywhere […]

Turkey Instructions from Mister Brisket

You are the proud owner of an Empire Kosher Turkey.  This is the finest product of its kind in the country.  Please understand that it comes to us frozen.  For those of you who think that a fresh turkey is far superior to a frozen turkey, I direct you to the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s turkey […]

Seven Bone Standing Rib Roast Recipe

Anatomy–The standing rib is the seven bone rib section of a steer. Typically, we use a USDA Prime export rib–which weighs in the range of 16-20 lbs. Remember: Each bone serves 2 people THE NIGHT BEFORE Utensils Plastic or cellophane wrap Ingredients Garlic powder Paprika Pepper No salt at this time Directions Remove the freezer […]