Mister Brisket Plays to Consecutive Sellouts at L’Albatros

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Zack and Sanford

The stars pause for applause

On February 4 and 5, Sanford “Mr. Brisket” Herskovitz put on a two nite show at L’Albatros Brasserie and Bar with the help of  the restaurant’s wine maven Brandon Chrostowski, ace chef Jack Ahearn, and, of course, proprietor Zach Bruell.  Originally planned for a single evening, the idea was to serve cuts of beef popular in French Brasseries and pair them with wines from the Bordeaux region.  Sanford would discuss the beef, Brandon would add some details on the wine and everyone would eat and drink.

Well, the event, which was publicized via Open Table, Mister Brisket email and the Plain Dealer, proved so popular that a second nite was added.  All in all, roughly 110 people attended both evenings–and they were not disappointed.

Displayed Cuts of Beef

The food was superb, the paired wines were outstanding and the atmosphere–including live music–put everyone in a festive mood.  But the star of  both evenings was Sanford who filled in the time between courses (a kitchen and its service staff can’t just blast out fifty five beef samples and wine pours the moment the last course has ended–thus there was time to kill) by channeling his inner Henny Youngman and telling joke after joke with near flawless timing. Some were crowd friendly; others were more ribald.  But most of the people in attendance laughed continuously as they anxiously awaited the punchlines.

Sanford Telling Jokes

Here’s one Youngman classic–“I’m walking down the street and a woman runs up to me and says that for fifty bucks she’ll do things my wife never dreamed of.  I said Great…Make me dinner.”

Another joke told both nights–“A man and woman arrive at a resort on their honeymoon anxious to consummate their love.  But as the woman gets undressed, the man needs to use the bathroom.  He leaves the room and she lies down naked in the bed.  Well, not more than a few seconds pass when a train goes by and the vibration is so intense she is knocked onto the floor.  Stunned, she calls the resort manager who immediately comes to the room.  She explains what just took place and he says it’s not possible.  Then he looks at his watch and says–there will be another train in less than a minute.  So, the two of them lie down in the bed.  Just at this moment, the husband comes out of the bathroom and is stunned to see his wife in bed with the resort manager.  What are you doing! he shouts.  The manager’s response–Would you believe I’m waiting for a train?”

Chef Jack Ahearn

The evening itself featured several beef selections.  First came Steak Tartare made from Ground Round; next was Meyer Natural Angus USDA Prime Boneless Short Rib; the third round featured Flat Iron Steak and a Sirloin Butt Steak; finally Mister Briskets USDA Prime Meyer Natural Angus Hanger and Skirt Steak were served.  Brandon Chrostowski nailed the wines which were paired with each course.  And the kitchen staff, which also had to take care of other customers throughout the restaurant, did a superb job with the beef and side dishes.

Both nights were capped off with a terrific Lemon Tart and a very funny, slightly blue, true story from Zach Bruell.

Brandon enjoys a great MB sandwich as well as fine wine.

While everyone had a blast, much credit for this event belongs to L’Albatros sommelier, Brandon Chrostowski.  He  quietly put all the elements in place that made both evenings a success.  Kudos to Brandon, the service and kitchen staff at L’Albatros, as well as Zach Bruell and Sanford.  All of them did a fantastic job of turning a special event into a spectacular pair of evenings.


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